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What-- TOOLEE can supply

Since May.2010, Toolee Can supply only service, if you usually purchase rigging and lifting material from China, you can contact with TOOLEE, we can make a test for you and give you an inspection report before the material shipped on board. These service based on our more than 10 years experience on the fields.

What we can do is:

1. Supply all wire rope and chain Products with large quantity based on sea-shipment, also the polyester webbing products included.

2. Your China agent or China office for Purchasing Rigging Lifting Lashing material. (TOOLEE arrange a special team only works for that company)

3. Service on inspection for lifting lashing and rigging material.

a format of our test report you can check with contact:

TOOLEE 's material can service on: OFF-SHORE, MINING, CONSTRUCTION, TRANSPORTATION, LOGISTICS, COMMERCIAL FISHING,RECOVERY OFF-ROAD. and others if the wire rope or chain material using.

If you are in these fields, we can supply the right material to you, based on China TOOLEE can supply the large quantity and good price, of course, all these based on the quality is qualified.