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The accessories of Rigging Stainless and Synthetic Products

First one, please find the Rigging Accessories for wire rope and chain fittings.

Which including: Shackle, hook, turnbuckle, wire rope clips, wire rope thimble, eye bolt, carbiner hook, quick link.

rigging accessories 


The Second is the products made by Polyester, which including: webbing sling, round sling, ratchet lashing, cargo lashing, towing strap, recovery strap.

synthetic sling polyester


The third is Stainless Marine hardware, made by stainless aisi316 or aisi304, which including, stainless steel wire rope thimble, stainless terminal thread, stainless shackle, bow shackle, fixed shackle, stainless hook, stainless turnbuckle, stainless snap hook, stainless quick link...etc.

stainless marine hardware


The last one is for wire rope sling, made by wire rope and thimble and ferrul, swaged together.

wire rope sling

More competitive picture we have , please find below for wire ropes

wire rope

The next one is for chains

chains, lashing long link chain,lifting short chain

Hoist hooks which including EYE HOIST HOOK, SHANK HOOK AND SWIVEL HOOK


All self locking Safety Hook is here:

Eye safety hook, clevis safety hook, swivel safety hook, Safety hook with self-locking grip latch.

safety hook,clevis safety hook,eye safety hook

Sliding Hook, Choker Hook, Sliding Chain Link.

sliding hook,choker hook

Grade 80 Chain Shortening Hook, Eye Grab Hook, Clevis Grab Hook.

chain shortening grab hook,eye type clevis type

Wire Rope End Fittings: tube thimble, wire rope standard thimble, wire rope clips, simplex duplex wire rope clips.

wire rope thimble,wire rope clips, wire rope tube thimble.


Grab Hook, Clevis Grab hook, Eye Grab Hook, Cradle Grab Hook.

grab hook, Cradle grab hook, clevis grab hook

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