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Wire Rope Sling's Thimble

The Wire Rope Thimble used when the wire rope made into Sling

Wire Rope Thimble Can protect the wire rope during loading or towing, if we do not use the Thimble,

Wire rope Will touch with Link direc1tly with link the weight, if so the link will hurt the wire, shorten the life of wire rope's usage.

Usually the American market use the Standard Wire rope Thimble G411 and the Heavy Duty Wire Rope Thimble (G414)

In European Market, the Standard of DIN 6899 type B very popular!

Please find the below Wire Rope Sling With Wire Rope Thimble:

wire rope sling's eye with thimble and ferrul swaged

Wire Rope sling: Aliuminium Ferrul swaged with Thimble Eye.

wire rope sling with fitted thimble and eye hooks

The Wire rope Sling fitted with Eye hook and Wire rope thimble Fitted.

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