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Ordering Wire Rope Slings

Ordering Wire Rope Slings
Ordering Wire Rope Slings
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Ordering Wire Rope Slings

When deciding the type of slings to be used, be sure to consider:
- Maximum load
- Type of material to be handled.
- Lifting attachments
- Height of lift
- Headroom and working space available
- Number of sling legs required
- Distribution of load on multiple slings.
- Load centre of gravity

Information to be specified when ordering slings are:
- A reference to International Standard
- Type of slings
- The construction of the steel wire rope
- The nominal sling length and eye length
- The terminal fitting at each end
- The maximum load to be lifted
- The method of slinging
- Packaging
- Certification

Important: the length of the Wire Rope Sling, the Working load Limited of Wire Rope Sling, The type of Wire Rope Slings.


Supply information:

Price: Currently the main Reason concerning the Price is the Raw Material, Exchange Rate, and Labour Cost. Of course, Large Quatity we offer a Better Price. Please noted: Never Confirm the order Before we give you the confirmation if we offered you the price beyond 30 days.
Quality: Meet the standard of EN818-2, ASTM, ISO, American Standard, European Standard, EN12195-1/2.

Lead time: 30-60 days mainly according What item and how many quantities. Quantity: We don't accept small Quantity with total value under USD5000.00.(Long time Cooperation can be accepted with few items)
Packing: Cartons Bags/Gunny Bags/Plastic Reel/Wooden Reel and Then on Pallets into Container. All for Sea-Transport.

Payment: T/T(Wire Transfer) or L/C at sight, Usually for First time we need about 30% as deposit, For Long time Cooperation, let's disccuss based on Win2Win.

TOOLEE Special Items: (5 Series)

Series 1)
Lifting Chain and Components.
Series 2)Lashing Chain and FittingsRatchet Tie Down.
Series 3) Chain & Wire Rope & Rigging Accessories
Series 4)Soft Polyester Sling: Webbing Sling, Round Sling,
Series 5) Stainless Marine Hardware